On Sunday 13th August 2006, the community of Brixton, supported by Lambeth Council and the Metropolitan Police Service, held a street festival centred on Coldharbour Lane, this event was called Brixton Splash.

There was a range of attractions at the event including live music, poetry, art exhibitions, street theatre, crafts, children’s activities, food sales, sound systems and domino competitions.

The purpose of the event was to showcase the vibrant face of Brixton and positively rebrand the area after the extensive negative publicity, marking the 25th anniversary of the April 1981 disorders.

The first festival attracted over 5000 people and engendered highly positive media coverage. The festival was imagined by a small group of influential community leaders in Brixton to whom we remain truly grateful.  The event could never have reached its current position if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of a small group to whom we remain thankful.

Following on from its initial success, feedback showed that there has been a significant community desire to build Brixton Splash into an annual occasion to celebrate how far the local community has come from the difficult days of 1981 and to celebrate Brixton as the internationally recognised, diverse cultural centre that it is now.

At a meeting of key community figures, a theme of making Brixton, famous, rather than ‘infamous’ emerged. It was also acknowledged that creating an inclusive governance structure, involving local people, businesses and other statutory agencies to shape Brixton Splash into the future could help Brixton Splash be a part of the continuing building of community cohesion, whilst demonstrating the social responsibility and commitment of partners to Brixton.

Brixton Splash is a community led event aimed at celebrating the diversity of the Brixton community.  The event aims to involve people from all walks of life, providing something for everyone to participate in and enjoy themselves.