Statement on Waste Management for Brixton Splash 2015

Statement on Waste Management for Brixton Splash 2015




Brixton Splash Ltd, the organisers of Brixton Splash, are delighted to hear that the council has decided to waive its fees for the hire of Windrush Square and St Matthew’s Peace Gardens for this year’s celebrations. As the majority of Brixton Splash costs are council fees this is some much-needed and well-appreciated financial relief.


Brixton Splash is an important community event close to the heart of local Brixtonians and its neighbours. It requires the support of key stakeholders such as the council and the police to ensure its sustainability. Therefore the fees waived by the council and the continual support offered by the police is greatly appreciated.


We would like to take the time to once again thank our amazing volunteers and hospitality stewards for their dedication and commitment and also our attendees for coming out and celebrating our 10th year anniversary in true Brixton Splash style of peace, love and unity.


A wonderful day was had by all however, we are saddened to learn about the issues regarding the clean-up after Splash. Although Brixton Splash had contracted Veolia, via Lambeth council, to provide the clear-up we had little input into the type of operation that would be carried out with it all being managed and planned by Lambeth and their partner Veolia.


Brixton Splash requested a more environmentally friendly cleansing plan, which included recycling but unfortunately this was refused. We do wish to point out that there was a lot less waste left on the footprint this year as opposed to last year and their was a significant reduction in bottles being brought onto the footprint. This is down to a number of factors including a better cleansing operation and our attendees heeding our requests this year not to bring bottles onto the footprint and using waste bins as requested. We would therefore like to thank our attendees on their support in this matter.


Brixton Splash is aware that last year Veolia took just 3 hours to clean-up after Notting Hill Carnival, with much of the waste being recycled and converted into useable energy[1] Therefore, we are unsure as to why cleansing for Brixton Splash had to run on so long – 3pm the next day (03.08.15) – and why recycling is refused as an option. We are also aware that cleansing for another street event, which see’s its attendee numbers reaching a quarter of a million has a waste management fee (once again with Veolia) of just £13,000. All of these questions had already been raised with the council before the carnival, however, we are yet to receive a response. We have requested a meeting with the council to discuss this and other issues and are again waiting for a response.


Brixton Splash is a not-for-profit organisation, every year we struggle to raise the huge finances needed to put on this wonderful community event. This year was no different. Lambeth’s fees take up the majority of our budget with waste management being the largest fee on that budget, this year the bill was over £11,000. In recognition of this wonderful community event and the benefits we provide to the local community and given that we have no real input in this particular service, we ask that Lambeth takes this service in house and meets this one cost annually for Brixton Splash, offering tangible support to the event and the community. This support would replicate the example set by the boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster City Council who plan and pay for the cleansing operation for Notting Hill Carnival, where the costs run into the millions.


Brixton Splash Board