A huge thank you from Brixton Splash

Brixton Splash 2014 was the biggest and best ever. The Board of Brixton Splash are delighted that every element of the event was so well received.

The day itself wow, what can you say! So many people, such a wonderful atmosphere, everyone in good spirits, laughing, dancing, enjoying the music, the arts & crafts, the DJs everything we had put on seemed to go down so well. And of course the sun shined on us to!

So we just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thanks to all those that made it possible our small team of those who worked on Splash, our event volunteers, our volunteer stewards, our stall holders, our artists, our performers, our DJs, our sound systems our crews. Huge thanks to every single one of you for all your hard work. We couldn’t have had an event without you and we really hope you are a part of our team for 2014 to!

Then of course there is all the businesses that supported us, thank you to The Market House, Walkerwood, Hootananny, KA, Virgin, O2, McDonalds, Up on The Roof, Our Big Gig, The Art Council, Satay Bar, Deli Jerk and last but not least Greggs Bakery we really couldn’t have done it without you. We hope you enjoyed working with us and being part of such an hugely positive and successful community street festival. We hope you share that experience with us in 2014 and that you will help us grow that network of vital business support to ensure the event remains safe & successful in the future.

We are also thankful for the support of a wide range of journalists and local and international media representatives and will write more fully sharing those stories with you soon.

And finally, thank you to the community of Brixton for helping make the day such a great one. We are all still smiling so although we think we might have got to the point where we have achieved our original aim of turning Brixton from infamous to famous we hope you agree we should carry on having a great big Brixton Splash every year… see you on 2 August 2015!